Sunday January 13th, 2019


​Paul & Theresa Scavarda

Cove Cay Golf Resort

2612 Cove Cay Dr.

Clearwater, FL 33760

Doors Open: 1:30 pm  

Buffet: 2:00 pm to 3pm

Tickets $15 member / $20 non member.

Sandwiches Will Be Offered

​Cash Bar





8-1-10 GUIDELINES for DINNER/DANCES (published Oct. 2010 JMN)

Reservations are required by using the RESERVATION FORM printed in the J M N.

Group payments have to show the names of all participants on the reservation form.

All payment checks are to be mailed or submitted to the Hospitality Director.

Only people, who have paid in advance and are on the Hospitality Director’s list may be granted admission to the party. The seating is to be based on the receipt of the reservation form under the motto: first come, first served.

No preference for patrons or friends.


Band musicians and the sound engineer (David Segal) will have free entrance
and a free meal.
Musicians wives (or partners) pay for the meal, not the entrance fee. The money
will be collected by the Program Director and submitted to the Hospitality
Director, who will add these people to his/her attendance list.

The Board has the option to grant free entrance to qualified people, but has to
make sure, their names appear on the Hospitality Director’s attendance list.

Nobody will be accepted or may pay at the door.

All members and guests pay the announced prices.

The Hospitality Director has to separately account for the number of participants paying the member price and those paying the non-member price.

Also, the payment of annual dues and the payment of musician’s partners (see above) at that time has to be accounted for separately.

Any money received by the Hospitality Director has to be checked against the number of reservations and then submitted to the treasurer at the earliest convenience. The treasurer should confirm the receipt and deposit the money in the bank. If the treasurer is unable to execute his/her duties, he/she should notify the president to take his/her place.

The deadline for reservations has to be observed. There will be no cancellations accepted or refunds made after that deadline.

No tickets will be issued and no telephone reservations will be accepted.

Additional Ticket Info

Upcoming Concerts

We're thrilled to have many of our concerts at the KAPOK Special Events Pavilion. Your Board of Directors is constantly looking for new and different venues for out monthly concerts.  Conveniently located in Clearwater on at 923 McMullen Booth Rd, this venue provides our Society with the historical and architectural splendor of ancient Greece.  

About Our Venue