The Next Event For Our Jazz Society Will Be In October  2021 Due To The Covid 19 Pandemic. 

More information will follow on Bands and dates.

​See You Then.....


Upcoming Events

What are the other jazz Festivals and Society's Do for Their Members.

The latest information that I have inquired about is as follows.

In November the Arizona Classic Jazz Festival will hold their live festival to a smaller amount of attendees but the show will go on. One of the featured bands will be DICK MALEY'S



Dick played last year to a new & wonderful crowd of guests who have now become their friends.

The past several months the Pismo Beach Jazz Society have been offering backyard concerts. These concerts are limited to about 40 people and include The Basin ZStreet Regulars Jazz Band & The Creole Syncopators to perform for their membershipIn October the PBJS held their first Online Jazz Festival which turned out well for them. They are planning on a live festival for 2021 and Dick Maley, with "Cornet Chop Suey" will be in attendance to perform.